Photos courtesy Che Rosales.
Stylist, Julianne Costigan (P1M)
Key Hair, Jorge Jao (Redken)
Key Makeup, Michelle Brown

“Fuoco Dentro” 

Fuoco Dentro – which translates to ‘Fire Within’ in Italian. The presentation took place on October 2nd, during Toronto Women’s Fashion Week.

This collection is inspired by the flame that burns inside of me, and moments of dark thoughts and anxiety, that inspire beauty and creativity. In a world of such unknown, it is exciting to know that I am alive and able to create, and run with the passion that burns inside. It’s time to be open with our inner selves, to light the earth with our Fire Within.

The Fuoco Dentro Collection boasts white as a sign of fresh life, gold as the notion of inner peace, pride and accomplishments, and red as a colour of power, love, memories and strength. With fine tailoring and close attention to fabric and fine lines, the new ZOFF Collection embodies the epitome of luxury: excellence.

x Michael


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